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Manual de Truficultura Andaluza. Morcillo M, Moreno-Arroyo B, Pulido E, Sánchez M. 1ªed. Ed. Fundación Gypaetus. Consejería de. Read the latest magazines about Truficultura and discover magazines on Yumpu .com. Manual de Truficultura aquí – Micología Forestal Aplicada · micofora. We have more than forty years experience in the truffle world and we offer our services that encompass the whole truffle production process. C/ Aragón, 9

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At the same time, they are a very important natural resource from the economic perspective.

anuncios trufa truficultura | Guía de Servicios

Generally also in those visits, no mention is made of certain cultivation practices that can notably improve production. In general terms, a plantation requires a prior study of the terrain — calcareous soils with a favorable texture — in Mediterranean-continental climates with mm of annual precipitation, part of which occurs during the summer period. Little has been done to maintain the productive truffle potential of many woodlands. In this sense, the previously mentioned aspects that significantly affect the success of the exploitation must be appropriately evaluated.

Regarding the presence of fungi in the root other than Tuber melanosporumvarious considerations should be kept in mind: The productive period of the plantation is unknown, but it is very reasonable to expect to maintain production for 25 years 35 from the moment of plantingor even longer with pruning and clearing interventions, etc.

Buy Seedlings If you wish to start or expand a plantation, please contact us. Generally, various species of Tuber sp can appear Tuber brumaleTuber aestivumTuber uncinatumAD type mycorrhizas, etc. Given that trufficulture is possible practically anywhere in Spain, we believe that it offers a very interesting alternative to crops that are not profitable at the present.

Viveros y Truficultura “Hnos. Salvador Redón” | Guía de Servicios

If necessary, we also provide on-site hruficultura. Furthermore, the truffle was a big unknown and those who had heard of it associated it with the woodlands, mystery and… almost with magic… how could anyone even try to grow it!!


Fructifications of Sphaerosporella brunnea, a common contaminant in the greenhouse that can hinder the implantation of the truffle.

This has led to an overexploitation of natural truffles, which, along with an inadequate management of the woodlands, has caused the disappearance of many natural truffle beds.

The truffle dog is the inseparable companion of the truffle grower when the time comes to gather truffles.

We supply truffle growers who subject the seedlings to the most demanding controls. Definitively, it is a matter manula applying the available knowledge on how forest ecosystems function to achieve a continuous functioning of those systems.

Xavier has also had different directive tasks for an 8 year period on public mznual. In terms of the mycorrhizated seedling, whenever a greater number of losses than normal has occurred at a plantation, and this has been attributable to the seedling, we have responded by replacing the seedlings.

At this stage of the plantation, the soil is usually not tilled. If their implantation in the root is high, however, it means that the mycorrhiza of the truffle is not abundant and the drawback is then the low mycorrhization of the seedling by the truffle. Mycorrhizated seedlings may be rejected for various reasons: One must always keep in mind that precipitations are irregular and that some years may be dry, without enough rainfall for the good development of the truffles.

We can say that we are in part responsible for the boom and robust development currently enjoyed by truffle cultivation in some provinces of the center and north of Spain. Once the hole is partially filled with the organic mixture, it is covered up again with its own soil.

Until now, talk of using fertilizer in truffle patches or in plantations has generated controversy manusl concern, given the disparity of results in this ve, especially in natural truffle patches. They can be truffles of any size, but generally they are rounder, less irregular and thus more valuable commercially.

The truffles form trfuicultura with forest species; in the case of the black truffle, it primarily associates with holm oaks, oaks, hazelnut trees, kermes oaks, etc.


Some of the pamphlets we have used and distributed at trade fairs over the course of all thse years to promote the cultivation of black truffles. In terms of the soil, if the slightest doubt arises over its suitability, a complete physical-chemical analysis will be necessary, as well as a correct interpretation of the results, to evaluate the possibilities of growing truffles.

Fungi play a fundamental role in maintaining ecosystems by performing the following functions: Trufficulture in Spain is still in its early truficutlura and new supports and techniques to improve yields will unquestionably emerge in the future.

Examining root samples in the laboratory is essential to evaluating the quality of the mycorrhization of the seedlings we produce; examining roots collected in plantations at different ages is also important. Marcos has also published two books on truffle farming: Average retail price for the truffle grower in recent years.

Despite all of this, time has sometimes proven us wrong, but by recognizing our errors we have been able to change and improve our perspective on the subject and thus further aid the truffle grower.

Viveros y Truficultura “Hnos. Salvador Redón”

An abundance of mycorrhizas in the root is desirable but their identity must be verified. We can do this in two ways: Substrate A contains a mix of different ingredients that favor the development of the root and the formation of new mycorrhizas; it also contains truffle spores.

A Evaluation and advice regarding inoculations of adult trees. An abundance of mycorrhizas of black truffle and the absence of contaminants. There are woodlands of holm oaks, Portuguese oaks, mixed woodlands, that once produced truffles but no longer do so or are in decline.

With this reflection we want to point out the importance of a good root development.

Es un sustrato completo con la materia organica incorporada listo para utilizar.