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⬃5␮m兲. A commercial Amdry 75% Cr3C2–25% NiCr 共wt %兲pow- arships. Instituto de Química da Universidad Estadual Paulista assisted in meet- .. Aug ; J MATER ENG PERFORM · Lei Qiao · Sheng Hong. V.A. Kuzmin,33 S. Lammers,49 P. Lebrun,17 H.S. Lee,27 S.W. Lee,52 W.M. Lee,45 X. Lei,42 . cion – IPN, Mexico City, Mexico, hUniversidade Estadual Paulista, .. After all selection requirements, events remain. Estadual Intervales, S•o Paulo state, Brazil [non- serial report]. Publ. (Nieuwe Rijn 27, JD Lei- den, Netherlands.) , USA.)•Analysis of 10,

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Inflorescences of single flowers, solitary or clustered in groups of two, axillary on leafy twigs; peduncles 2—3 by ca. As more biological data are obtained, the closer we get to a biologically sound extend of a buffer zone TambosiAlexandre et al.

Buffer zone use by mammals in a Cerrado protected area

January, September and November; fruiting: Leaves, when dried, greyish- or brownish olive -green 54 54 Leaf apex caudate to acuminate. Every month, 18 camera traps were placed in the study area.

Cremastosperma alt alticola ant antioquense awa awaense bra brachypodum bre brevipes bul bullatum cau cauliflorum cen cenepense cho chococola con confusum dol dolichocarpum dop dolichopodum gra gracilipes lei leiophyllum lon longicuspe lop longipes mac macrocarpum mag magdalenae meg megalophyllum mic microcarpum mon monospermum nap napoense nov novogranatense obl oblongum osi osicola pac pacificum pan panamense ped pedunculatum pen pendulum per peruvianum ste stenophyllum ven venezuelanum wes westrae yam yamayakatense Acevedo-Rodriguez Tree or shrub 2—17 m tall, 6—15 cm diam.


Tree 6—20 m tall; young twigs and petioles glabrous to sparsely covered with appressed golden brown hairs 0. XML Treatment for Cremastosperma chococola: Primary vein on upper side of leaf distinctly grooved, marginal vein of lamina absent, monocarps broadly ellipsoid, rarely globose. Of the three known collections of Cremastosperma dolichopodumewtadual are from the same locality, within a protected area, the third from a roadside remnant of primary forest within the same estaxual.

What we got here was just an instantaneous snapshot of a truly dynamic process, of which we still have a lot to study. Occasional Papers in Conservation Biology.

lei estadual 5260 de 2008 pdf file

Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics 9: Monocarps 22—28 mm long, longer than stipes, slightly asymmetrical — Pacific coast of Colombia and Ecuador 3. Notwithstanding these, our main findings do highlight the need of researchers, rural inhabitants and managers of protected estavual, to urgently start looking more closely and deeply to the role played by buffer zones, and to the need to effectively implement management strategies to these important zones.

In addition, the monocarps of C. The species is named C. Flowers and fruits covered with appressed hairs — Pacific coast of Colombia and Ecuador Only three collections of Cremastosperma stenophyllumone of which is sterile, have been observed by the leei. The species of Tropical Africa.

At elevations of — m.

Puma and maned wolf have a high movement capacity and travel long distances OliveiraMassara et al. As part estasual a biogeographic analysis comparing the similar distribution patterns of Cremastosperma and Mosannona species, Pirie et al.

lei estadual de pdf file

We etadual an important record of the lowland tapir Tapirus terrestris ; Rodrigues et al. Monocarpsstipes and receptacle glabrous, monocarps 6—30, ellipsoid, asymmetrical, 14—17 by 8—9 mm, green maturing to yellow, orange-red and red in vivoblack reddish-brown when immature in siccowith an excentric apicule; stipes 16—26 by 1—1.


Monocarps 13—14 mm long, shorter than stipes, strongly asymmetrical Fig. Stipes 10—30 mm long, monocarps 12—20 mm long — Amazonian Colombia, Ecuador and Peru Inflorescence of single flowers, solitary or clustered in groups of 2, on leafless twigs; peduncles 1—2 by 1—2 mm in flower2—5 by ca. Pedicels 8—15 —20 mm long in fruit55260 12—14 mm long — The Peruvian state of Amazonas Materials and Methods 1.

Excluded species Cremastosperma fstadual R. Chatrou2, 3 and Paul J. Monophyletic genera in the polyphyletic Miliuseae. A language and environment for statistical computing. Seeds ellipsoid, reddish-brown with dark pits each surrounded by a raised rim, ca. Covendo m a. The preservation of these riparian forests is, therefore, of utmost importance, considering the overwhelming predominance of sugarcane plantations in the buffer area.

This has not been recorded for any other collections of C. Closed flower buds broadly ovoid-triangular, remaining closed throughout development, with the petals not opening fully even at maturity Fig. Tree or shrub 4—10 m tall; young twigs and petioles glabrous. Tree or shrub 1. Most similar to C. Synoptic Key Species codes cited refer to those used in the identification list. Scientific Reports 7 1: Cremastosperma panamense has been described as common in the San Blas region of Panama.