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The Ilulissat Declaration was adopted by the five Arctic nations with borders on the Arctic Ocean (Denmark, Norway, Canada, the Russian. “With the Ilulissat Declaration from May , the coastal States bordering the Arctic Ocean agreed to maintain the Arctic as a low-tension. The outcome was the two-page Ilulissat Declaration. You can download a copy at the Danish Foreign Ministry website: Conference in Ilulissat, Greenland.

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Additionally, Denmark and Declaratioon have an ongoing and somewhat friendly dispute over the small Hans Island in the Nares Strait; both parties, nevertheless, are committed to iluliseat with the issue in accordance to international law.

The village is an example of job creation through tourism, which both respects local culture and traditions and which generates revenue that is beneficial to investors and the local community.

The year anniversary of the Ilulissat Declaration is celebrated in Greenland this week.

Natural resources Petroleum exploration Arctic Refuge drilling controversy Protected areas Transportation. The conference was held in the small sports hall.

Denmark and the other four littoral states meeting in Ilulissat Russia, the U. Ten years on it is still hailed as an important scaffold for peace, cooperation and the international order in the Arctic. On top of the agenda: Also, Denmark and Greenland will be keen to safeguard any unobstructed channel of ilklissat with Russia.

Ten years later, the Arctic states are celebrating the achievement with a 2-day meeting in Ilulissat. In addition to the hosts, the meeting will have participation from ministers and representatives from the United States, the Russian Federation, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Arctic indigenous peoples.

This is obviously in declaratlon interest of Greenland and therefore of the Danish kingdom.

  ISO 10218-2 PDF

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. If someone would take the law into their deflaration hands outside of Greenland and say: Ilulissat boasts, however, only a few hotels, so if you plan on going in May, make sure to order now. Supporting women and girls survivors of violence From Nordhavn to Niger: Retrieved 15 August See also [ edit ] Arctic portal. While it is important to celebrate groundbreaking research, it is also important to do an extra effort to disseminate the findings to the local population and include them in Arctic research, Rosing argued.

Ilulissat Declaration’s year anniversary

The Kingdom of Denmark has acted as depositary for the agreement which enters into force on May 23, More than just peace Which indicates of course that there is more to it declarxtion peace. Retrieved October 18, You are commenting using your Twitter account. As frankly stated by several of the organizers when confronted with the question, the political climate between Russia and the rest is not ripe for any such new agreements.

The first time you visit declaeation homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will see a banner with information about cookies.

The Ilulissat Declaration ten years on

In other parts of the world, the Arctic States are involved in critical conflicts on different sides. View the discussion thread. Norway was perturbed, since it had planned its own initiative, which the Danes basically steamrolled.

The purpose of the meeting is to affirm the support of the Arctic States to the principles of the declaration and to discuss the joint efforts for a peaceful and productive cooperation. All emphasize that regional cooperation within science and technology, and search and rescue is desirable and mutually beneficial; and as members of the Arctic Council, the states signed the Agreement on Enhancing Reclaration Arctic Scientific Cooperation in and the Arctic Search and Rescue Agreement in Inthe signing of the Ilulissat Declaration poured cold water on the rhetorical escalation in the wake of the in famous Russian flag planting on the geographical North Pole seabed.



Taking into account the divisiveness of Crimea, Ukraine, accusations of Russian hacking and so forth, no one presently expects new groundbreaking accommodations between Russia and the other Arctic nations, most of them NATO members. Arctic research Exploration of the Arctic History of whaling. May 23 – Participants are invited on a case study tour through Ilulissat Icefjord to Ilimanaq village.

The Ilulissat Declaration was a Danish and Greenlandic initiative and in consequence, it is only natural that it is the Danes who are reminding the other signatories of the common goals agreed upon. Geology professor Minik Rosing inside a restored building in Ilimanaq, telling about some of the unique scientific achievements made in the area.

Send mail Close mail form Fill out the form to send a mail with a link to the current page: This time around invitations have been extended not only to those bordering the Arctic Ocean but also to Finland, Iceland, Sweden and to the Arctic peoples. One comment Great article! The same are the Inuit Circumpolar Council and the Saami Council, while the four other Arctic Indigenous organizations — which altogether constitute the six permanent participants of the Arctic Council — did not make use of their invitations.