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Beck, Andreas J. (), Het heil volgens de Heidelbergse Catechismus, in Arnold Huijgen e.a. (ed.), Handboek Heidelbergse Catechismus, Utrecht: Kok. Coornhert en de Heidelbergse Catechismus; moment in de stryd tussen Humanisme en Reformatie. Nederlands theo- logisch tijdschrift, — / Princeton: Princeton Theological Seminary, Bouwmeester, G. Zacharias Ursinus en de Heidelbergse Catechismus. The Hague: Willem de Zwijgerstichting.

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Ursinus used several Protestant catechisms already in circulation, and presented the catechism for the Palatinate to Frederick III and the Heidelberg ministers and university theologians in January Both editions are based on the Utrecht University Library copies.

Additions Besides the questions and answers three sections were added: The answers are usually derived from the Bible, for instance question Heidelebrgse Datheen was the translator, even though he is not mentioned as such.

At the end of the third edition was added to the collection of texts Kirchenordnung, wie es mit der christlichen Lehre, heiligen Sacramenten, und Ceremonien, inn de durchleuchtigsten Herrn Friderichs Pfaltzgraven bey Rhein … gehalten wird. It was printed in Emden in based on the second High German edition.

To formulate a well-defined doctrine for the Palatinate, he invited hidelbergse theologians to Heidelberg in and hfidelbergse The second edition appeared in April The only copy of the Emden edition of is the one which Doedes bought from the collection of Professor Constant Philippe Serrure in Brussels.

Huijgen, Arnold, John V. The copy from the third edition comes in possession of Albrecht Wolters catecnismus is also shown by his notes on the flyleaves. The first Dutch edition from Emden The only known copy of the first Dutch translation printed in Emden in was discovered by Doedes in July in the library of I.


The Lord’s Supper as point of dispute

The Heidelberg Catechism was accepted as a confession of faith at synods. Probably it belonged earlier to E.

The Dutch translation is the oldest. Kiel, Zentralbibliothek, Arch4 This copy came from the library of J. When he died, Treviranus bought it back. Special Collections – Utrecht University Library. The whereabouts of this copy is unknown.

Hidelbergse are followed by a separate text with its own title page, but which is an inseparable part of the earliest edition of the Heidelberg Catechism, the Christliche Gebet, die man daheim in Heusern, und in der Kirchen brauchen mag. Also the questions and answers were divided into 52 parts, so that each Sunday in the year two or three questions could be dealt with in church or religious teaching.

From Leipzig to Utrecht A year later, inDoedes discovered that another copy of the first edition was up for sale in Leipzig. Here, too, the Catechesis heidelbergze Christianae, quae traditur in ecclesiis et scholis Palatinatus is followed heidelbergsf the Precationes aliquot privatae et publica. The Lower Saxon translation from F oct rar is the only known copy in the world housed in a library open to the public, even though at the end of the heeidelbergse century two other copies were in circulation.

This was the same year in which the first Protestant field preachings were organised in the Catschismus, and the Iconoclastic Fury Beeldenstorm took place. The Dutch translations of In the Heidelberg Catechism was translated and printed into three languages: Unique copies of the Heidelberg Catechism The Heidelberg Catechism from is one of the most influential and widely read books in Protestantism.

There is also a copy of the second High German edition F oct rar and one of the third edition E oct a rar.


At the earlier mentioned J. Wass nutz bekomestu auss der heiligen empfengnuss Christi? The Utrecht copies We have to thank Jacobus Isaac Doedes for the fact that Utrecht University Library houses the largest collection of Heidelberg catechisms of in the world.

Albrecht Wolters from Bonn visited Treviranus and published a facsimile edition based on his copy Our copy E oct rar is from the collection of Huybert van Buchell. The other copies have arrived via Doedes, and his notes can still be read on the flyleaves. Utrecht, We have to thank Jacobus Isaac Doedes for the fact that Utrecht University Library houses the largest collection of Heidelberg hedielbergse of in the world.

This was already common practice in other catechisms.

Platform voor de studie van de Heidelbergse catechismus – over de inhoud van de HC

According to the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation, bread and wine are actually changed into the body and blood of Christ at mass. F oct 68 rar comes from the collection of Huybert van Buchell Utrecht University Library owns the most copies of the first editions of in the world. The translator of the texts is M. Together with Lambertus Ludolphus Pithoppeus he also edited the Latin translationalso based on the third edition. The catechisms and confessions of faith in the Dutch Reformation to At the same Brussels auction Doedes also bought a unique Emden edition from printed by G.