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Hadees-e-qudsi (Signs of Allah): English translation of Urdu book, Khuda ki baatein. Khuda kī bāten English. Ahmad Said, · Save to Lists. حديثِ قدسی Hadith-E-Qudsi Of The Week 26 of 40 – Urdu · حديثِ قدسی Hadith-E- Qudsi Of The Week 27 of 40 – Urdu · حديثِ قدسی Hadith-E-Qudsi. Hadees e Qudsi – posted in Islam: Blogs RSS feed · Help · Community Forum Software by Licensed to: UrduPoint Network.

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But if he has intended a bad deed and has not done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as a full good deed, but if he has intended it and has done it, Allah writes it down as one bad deed.

It was related by Muslim also by at-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah. The present collection has been compiled from all the available books of hadith. He will be brought and Allah will make known to him His favours and he will recognize them. It qudzi related by Muslim also by al-Bukhari, Malik, and i. Do you wish for anything? O My servants, it is but your deeds that I reckon for you. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.


Hadees Qudsi In Urdu – video dailymotion

On the authority of Zayd ibn Khalid al-Juhaniyy may Allah be pleased with himwho said: And if he has no good deeds, the sins of the oppressed person will be loaded on him. So they abhor him, and abhorrence is established for him on earth. And he will look to his right and will see nothing but Hell-fire, then he will look to his left and will see nothing but Hell-fire, so let each of you protect himself hdaees Hell-fire, be haders with even half a date – qkdsi if he finds it not, then with a kind word.

Being afraid of You, O my Lord or he said: Thus Qur’an is superior to it because, besides being revealed, it is His wording.

Alternately, everything that has been ordered is a form of justice. English translation of Khuda-ki-batein by Ahmad Said.

We asked about that and the Prophet pbuh said: Barrseesa Bayan by Shek. It was related by Muslim also by al-Bukhari, at-Tirmidhi, and an-Nasa’i.

Allah glorified and exalted be He said: O Messenger of Allah, how can any one of us belittle himself?

Hadith-e-Qudsi is a term used which signifies that the meaning of the hadith is from Allah Subhanah, and the words are related from the Messenger of Allah sawsunlike the Quran where the meaning and the words are both from Allah Subhanah. As for him who said: I have prepared for My righteous servants what no eye has seen and no ear has heard, not has it occurred to human heart.


Even when Allah swt punishes somebody, He swt does it out of His Justice, based on the deeds of the people. Allah mighty and sublime be He said: It was related by al-Bukhari also by Muslim. Fasting is like a shield, and he who fasts has two joys: And he reviled Me and he had no right to do so.

Allah’s Saying : O My Servants [Hadith e Qudsi] (حدیثِ قُدسی)

Ibrahim Izzuddin and Denis Johnson-Davies: Its chain of authorities is sound. Dhulm in which one wrongs oneself Allah swt may forgive, or He may punish us qudei. My mercy prevails over my wrath.

O inhabitants of Paradise! Any type of harm that a person commits against another is a wrongdoing and form of injustice.