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Title, El aliento de las tinieblas. Author, Karen Chance. Publisher, La Factoría de Ideas, ISBN, , Length, pages. Buy El aliento de las tinieblas / Touch the Dark Reprint by Karen Chance, Roberto Gelado Marcos (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday. Aliento de las tinieblas, El (Pandora) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Karen Chance: : Kindle Store.

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Most of all, I think Chance just tried to cram too many things into a first book.

Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer, #1) by Karen Chance

I really felt bad for the main character Cassie, because she has this great power, and everyone wants to claim her for themselves and control her and because of this she has had the worse childhood ever. Bring on more Cassie Palmer adventures! Okay- I am on the third book right now, and as the question has yet to be answered and only hinted at, I figured I would ask.

Oct 24, Olivia R. For example, during a combat scene early in the book, a ward is activated, and the fight is interrupted in favor of a lecture about wards. The story clunks along, often making no sense, which is unfortunate. It is quite an intricate world that miss Chance has created, so a lot of this book goes into explaining how things work, and setting things up etc – is it very much the first book in a series, if you know what I mean. She remains limp and in inaction. I myself couldn’t finish the book and Lord help the brave souls who dare read it whole.

This world has rules, continuity, logic; for example the very simple and logical hierarchy of the vampire society. Chance sort of gets around this paradox in a way, but she does it sloppily. Very introductory not that it lacked in actual plot, cos it didn’t. But even though this book fits that profile, I still enjoyed it – a lot! In terms of supernatural elements, it dabbles in everything.


Oh, and by the by, Jack the Ripper is in this group. Wow, finishing that book was a chore.

He also reminds me of Richard with his ignorance and preaching, especially about how vampires are monsters, while he himself uses magic to maim and kill. Ghosts – Cassy has a ghost side-kick and apparently there are many different hcance of them too. I definitely have to give her credit.

Touch the Dark

The chancee doesn’t happen so the person lives. They are too perfect. Over all, the writing was okay, the characters were interesting ve if there were way too many historical guest appearances for my tastes. Even a little kid could tell. However, I see after reading some other reviews — I am not alone in my assessment. She’s trying to get out of town and also warn her roommate not to go back to their apartment, but the vamp goon squad catches up with her and her roommate, Thomas.

A little icky that. All in all, this book started out okay, but didn’t interest me the tinieeblas or the character because, well, I have no idea what is happening. The action was fantastic. I know there are other theories out there but this is the one that I believe.

That is just wrong – and nasty. Of course Tony catches up with her eventually and that’s where the book starts. Nevertheless, she is not completely unbearable so its possible to muddle through, especially as there is no alternative for those, like myself, iaren cannot read 1st person POV. In fact that might be an understatement for our main character: I don’t mind shoulder-length hair on a guy, but any longer and I can only akren that he’s going to be high-maintenance and all that hair is just going to get in the way during sex.


I also wish the author was more careful when adding view spoiler [time travel to the plot This series have many elements that make it an entertaining and interesting read. Aside from the carbon copy characters, the other thing that I was disappointed with was the use of historical figures.

It is not a schematized, simplified story. Cassie’s powers are growing, even in the short time she is with the senate. What didn’t work for me: After getting rid of Tony’s goons, with a help from a friend, she ends up at the Senate. It fit very well with the storyline. So, by the end, the reader was left with very little alientl plot.

Despite these issues, Cassie is a charming heroine with a very practical approach to living her life amongst things that go bump in the night. She’s been found and targeted.

It has compelling plots, action, miseries to solve, enemies, romantic tension, magic, friendship, humor, a strong female lead, deaths, attractive men, fantastic creatures, time travel, vampires, tiniebla much much more.

And there are times that it intrudes on the flow.

Why is it that strong men are called powerful and strong women are called witches? She’s not especially tough.