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When I read Meljean Brook’s Demon Angel, I was riveted by the first half of the As in Demon Angel, the romance in Demon Moon is all about. DEMON MOON is the fourth story in the Guardian series, and the second full- length book. It takes place in modern-day San Francisco, eight months after the. I’ve had a couple of readers mention that they’ve had a hard time finding new, readily available print copies of Demon Moon from online stores.

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Characters are very likable but the story seemed to drag. He forced away the pleasure of it. Meljean was raised in the middle of the woods, and hid under her blankets at night with fairy tales, comic books, and romances. The next time I sound like him, stab me. Some books are good and make me feel happy Twilightsome are well written and cause me to feel strong emotions Time Traveler’s Wife and some are just so good – they are classics I’ll read over and over Dune.

Charmed by Hugh in spite of her very best efforts. A run in with some Hellhound venom and Nosferatu blood begin making her something more. She has excerpts up. She had a set mind for positive or negative and it worked. Until the present day, when Hugh falls from grace and chooses to live out the rest of his mortal life. He has the strength to hold up Lilith when she needs support and deny himself what his heart desires and his body!


Jul 01, Kerry rated it really liked it Shelves: And her intelligence isn’t grating. She lies to Hugh about her feelings for him and about her knowledge of Hell and the world.

Fans of angels and demon themes, love stories that span the ages, virgin heroes. Meljean BloodsuckersContestsDemon Moon.

Demon Angel

But things become even more complicated as the story unfolds. And because she knows the nightmares of Chaos the hell he was in they bond even more.

Jun 21, Missy Ann rated it liked it Shelves: Their yearning and anguish are palpable as they desperately grasp at straws to find a way to make it work. Before I talk more about this: It’s nothing they can do anything about, as soon as their partner is aroused, they sleep with them.

Maybe I will give this another shot some other time. Good booksMeljean Brook.

Demon Moon

Sep 27, Telma rated it liked it. He rips forth her humanity in mlejean a way that she’ll never again be able to hide who and what she truly is: She takes great care in creating a story over time — eight centuries to be exact — that is designed to make the reader feel fully I had really high hopes for this book, having heard such great things about noon writer.

However, I’ve been told a lot that this series needs to be read in order, so I resisted the temptation to skip it.

The corruption of the federal and governmental bureaus offer a smorgasbord of opportunities to infiltrate the inner workings of mankind like never before. For a demon, Dalkiel, is working behind-the-scenes in San Francisco whipping the vampires into a frenzy and threatening Savi.


Demon Moon by Meljean Brook | : Books

In the midst of Heaven, he gives her a taste of ecstasy — and of Chaos, Deadly creatures from that realm herald the return of an imprisoned Nosferatu horde, and Colin and Savi’s bond is their only protection — and their only passion Sep 28, Jen Davis rated it liked meljeam.

Sep 14, Summer rated it liked it Shelves: A demon is posing as Colin in an effort to take over the vulnerable San Francisco vampire community and he’s really starting to enjoy his bg gorgeous persona.

It was so cute, but Meljean didn’t make it too cheesy.

She speaks many different bu, is a professional hacker, and is surrounded by angels and demons, whom she calls her friends. His vanity is comical to extant but its reason for being isn’t. When I recommend this series I always say, be patient, the first two books are not easy to get into, but you have to keep goi I struggled with this book a lot.

What does that tell you about this book? The hero cannot compete. Meanwhile, as the hero is expounding upon the heroine’s greatness, apologizing to the heroine for the umpteenth time, receiving reassurance from the heroine, or borrowing guilt and thinking about the heroine in melodramatic fashion “Spilt milk, oh no! There’s heroism in that.