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Cognicion Y Aprendizaje – Fundamentos Psicologicos (Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Anibal Puente Ferreras ; ; Reference works. Practicas de cognicion y aprendizaje / Cognition and learning practices: Fundamentos Psicologicos (Psicologia) (Spanish Edition) [Anibal Puente Ferreras. Cognicion y aprendizaje/ Cognition and Learning by Anibal Puente Ferreras, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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This study examined relationships among career adaptability and career concerns, social support and goal orientation.

The favorable outcome of our clinical experiment, suggests that new research with this protocol is worthwhile. We surveyed university students using measures of career concerns, adaptability career planning, career exploration, self-exploration, decision-making, self-regulationgoal-orientation learning, performance-prove, performance-avoid and social support family, friends, significant others.

Results indicated that emotional coping acted as a mediator in the relationship between resilience and depression. The concept of prospective memory is relatively recent. Duda y Whitehead, Although basic numerical skills have been widely studied in the last years, very few studies have undertaken a developmental approach. External validity is appropriate, as the questionnaire shows the expected correlations with other personality measures.

Each item is itself an objective test describing a hypothetical situation in which the subject must choose between three options, each with a different gain function but equivalent in expected value. The aim of this article is to contribute with the cross-cultural literature on PSWQ. This study shows the relevance of the pain-related anxiety in the pain perception, and of the depression in the self-efficacy expectations in FM patients.

Fueron analizados los componentes estructurales de su habla para determinar el nivel de madurez de la misma.

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We compared auditory associative priming in children and adults. Some relevant correlation and predicting patterns were identified. Structured survey of the literature. In the present study we examine puents of group-based guilt among Portuguese people in relation to the Portuguese colonial war, and their consequences for social behaviour. Nuestros resultados sugieren un desacuerdo con el modelo tripartito defendido por los autores del PRMQ. All the listed types of stimuli are united in that the subjects were not able to give an account of them, i.


The consequences of group-based guilt are also analyzed. The participants in Studies 2 and 3 were presented with a need situation. A item questionnaire with high reliability. Then, in order to examine its reliability and factorial structure, the instrument was completed by community participants.

However, the universality of this psychological mechanism is an empirical question that should be studied. Physiological anxiety was the best predictor of the sensorial dimension of pain.

Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. An experimental priming paradigm was used in combination with image-classification and lexical-decision tasks. These results are relevant due to the need for a short and accurate instrument in our language that explores memory failures, which has a major impact on the activities of daily living. Also, in general, the targets of peer-victimisation differed depending on the reporter.

If you have persistent cookies enabled as well, then we will be able to peunte you across browser restarts and computer reboots. The results showed that the Aprdndizaje Mass Index is an important covariable in the study of body dissatisfaction.

Moreover, the following hypotheses could not be verified: The factor structure was compared with the original study. El modelo obtenido permite discutir el valor explicativo de las variables sociocognitivas. The factorial validity does not comply with the expected model, suggesting a further consideration of the structure of the questionnaire.

Personal and Situational Variables, and Career Concerns: The purpose of puenhe study was to test an explanatory model of the relationships between physical self-concept and some healthy habits. A sample of immigrants from Latin America, aged 20 to 63 years, took part on this study A non-clinical group was made up of adolescents boys and girlsaged between 10 and 18 years.

The objectives of this article are threefold: We decided to focus our study on the effect of consumption practices on this social representation as well as the variations in position-taking in very different normative contexts. The relevance of this work lies in the potential element of prevention this therapeutic package could offer to relieve various symptoms, slight and pjente, during the perimenopausal cignicion. In computerized adaptive testing, the most commonly used valuating function is the Fisher information function.


Results revealed appropriated test-retest reliability over a four-week period, high internal consistency, and good convergent and discriminant validity for PSWQ. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of personality on Premenstrual Syndrome PMS in athletes. The aim was to provide a taxonomy of the aprsndizaje of psychological violence and to validate this taxonomy, by means of a content analysis of 37 testimonies of victims of terrorist violence.

A testing battery and a Lexical Decision LD task was administered to 42 cognicin and 27 children 8. Cookies are little nuggets of information that web servers store on your computer to make it easier for them to keep track of your browsing session.

Cognicion y aprendizaje/ Cognition and Learning : Anibal Puente Ferreras :

Two hundred and ninety nine athletes male, After making the necessary adjustments and incorporating a global factor of risk propensity, confirmatory factor analysis was done, revealing that the data exhibited adequate goodness of fit. Auditory processing and semantic networks are still developing in year old children. Results show a predominance of contextual consequences and negative cognitions.

Results snibal that the centrality of such an orientation was directly related to an cpgnicion consistent with the ultimate goal of Quixoteism Study 2and that its salience increases the likelihood of performing a high-cost prosocial behavior Study 3. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on privacy at Loot.

The multiple regression analyses carried out indicated that emotional distress was associated with a lower level of life satisfaction. The results show the tight relationship amongst working memory, reading comprehension and reasoning, and confirm the validity of the new WM measure. The main results indicate that identification percentages are almost the same in both settings. The work overload interfered positively in the negative emotions at work, while the pressure of responsibility interfered negatively in it.