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Asterix – Asteriks u Svajcarskoj (ORIGINAL) Originalno francusko izdanje 48 str u boji Tvrde korice Astérix – Astérix chez les hélvètes – n. Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL) Originalno francusko izdanje Odlicno Knjige · Stripovi · Evropski i ostali stripovi; Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL) . Politikina izdanja Asteriksa /Asterix & Obelix/ u prevodu Ivana Klajna. Uz Asteriks stripove dolazi i jedan Talični Tom (Na tragu braće Dalton). Spisak stripova: 1.

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The civil war sgripovi is rather amusing because the whole idea of the Roman army fighting the Roman army is quite farcical, especially how they actually don’t know who is fighting whom because they are all xtripovi the same uniform.

Nov 21, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Atlas Archives edition does an excellent job highlighting the various contexts that shaped and illuminated the creation of the book, with nice reproductions of documents photos accompanied with informative commentary.

Darkwood Online prodavnica stripova | Comic Archive

The Gauls head homeward, while the freed slaves remain on Atlantis as children forever. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I strupovi venture to guess that the vast majority of European children from the early s through today have read some, if not all, Asterix comic books. Nur die korrekte Aussprache war teilweise schwierig. The story ends with the usual banquet for the villagers and Sinisitus, making it the first banquet featuring a Roman as a guest.

Originalno francusko izdanje Odlicno asteris, 48 str u boji Tvrde Korice Kod nas je ova ta epizoda Asteriksa objavljena samo kao piratsko izdanje Asterix and Obelix All at Sea French: Not only are these great books in their original French, but they are possibly the most brilliant translations ever done!

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May 02, Thomas Ray rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nov 14, Floyd Pepper rated it it was amazing Shelves: Uderzo continued to illustrate and write through his retirement inkeeping I would venture to guess that the vast majority of European children from the early s through today have read some, if not all, Asterix comic books. I particularly like the clueless Egyptian who speaks in hieroglyphs, and the repeated recitation of the unit designation.

View all 3 comments. This album has perhaps the closest thing in the Asterix series to a major character actually dying, as Admiral Crustacius is left trapped in stone form at the end of the story, without Getafix to revert him to normal.

All Black-white Color Cover: The four outlying Roman camps rehearse a parade to welcome Crustacius, who is pursuing the slaves. If you know anything about those two you won’t be surprised to hear that they blithely ignore all army rules and regulations and drive their commanding officers quite insane with their antics.

Ultimately Obelix returns to life, strippvi as a child and deprived of his usual strength. Mnogi centurion oplakao je ovaj susret sa svojeglavim Asterixom i Obelixom. All Stripofi Album Color: This is one of the funniest of all the series. Asterix decides that they will join the Roman legion to find and bring him back. On their way back, the Gauls are intercepted by another Roman galley and Asterix is knocked unconscious by a catapult stone.

Thus the Gauls find themselves continually chased and delayed by the Romans, but are assisted by the hotel manager Petitsuix, bank manager Zurix, and some Helvetian veterans who hold a celebration at Lake Geneva. I’ve read this volume at least once a year since I can trace my love of history back to these stories. Quick and funny, and it had some of my favourite jokes.


Obelix then propels the galley into the Roman camp of Aquarium, before returning to the village for a feast. That’s usually a painful experience but does occasionally throw fabulous books that I would never have read off my own bat onto my path. If your reading life so far hasn’t included any of these gems I would recommend rectifying that as soon as may be.

Aug 18, Striopvi Sarkies rated it really liked it Shelves: Select one of the items, or continue to type, to narrow the choices, after the third letter is typed, each new letter does query to the database stropovi returns a new search.

Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL)

May 13, Mimi rated it liked it Shelves: Who’d have expected to see Asterix in a legionary’s uniform? There’s a hilarious section that follows about them joining the army, training, etc. Be the first to ask a question about Asterix the Legionary. Asked by Cleopatra why he has erected a stripovu to commemorate his incompetent admiral, Caesar replies that although lions do not eat granite, things may change some day.

Flavus, upon finding that the Quaestor will not be easy to corrupt, serves him food laced with poison and provides inept doctors making absurd guesses at his ailment. How the army should be strippovi One of the best!

Nov 05, Tom rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 18, Laura rated it really liked it. My favorite of all the Asterix books.