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For discussion of Aeronautica Imperialis news, rumours and tactics. Will you be hunter or hunted?. For things like planes, an officer of the fleet, etc, they have Aeronautica Imperialis listed on their data sheets in the faction keywords section. The Tabletop Tactics Forum The idea is that the Aeronautica Imperialis acts like the US Navy with carrier launched aircraft acting as both a.

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Score one for the US Airforce.

My issue is the guardsmen, I imperiakis stuck on both the models and colors to use, I want to use the Catachan models since I already have a lot of Cadians.

All of their close combat weapons have Daemonbane, which allows a re-roll on failed pens and to-wounds against units with the Daemon USR if you activated Force on the last Psychic Phase.

Tournament Overview

Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter [15 PL, pts]: The other battalion sits back on objectives and lobs fire at the enemy. Alas, this is a pretty sad lot. Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days.

It also allows more depth to planning the game as escort, SEAD, and exfiltration cover become necessary.

Forgeworld Aeronautica Imperialis analysis thread

So, I guess AI is providing us with an opportunity to fight as certain of our forefathers never did, on equal terms – at least numberswise! They couldn’t discern from orbit which of the heat blooms in the desert were carriers and which weren’t?

My theme for this force is Pacific Theater. I do agree that the Valkyrie and Vulture at least need something done to them to make them a bit more in the words of my security studies lecturer ‘whizzier’.

Sepulchre of Heroes: How and Why Forgeworld should bring back Aeronautica Imperialis

The final battle for the campaign is now up. Since they do opposite things, you’re going to want one of each at least at all but the smallest points levels. Infantry Squad [3 PL, 47pts]. Those fatigues and guns sound real cool, any chance of some pics?


I’d venture to say that even BFG is at the same level, although if you are conducting a planetary bombardment or a blockade you’d of course be at the strategic level immediately.

The Airships come from Spartan Games Prussian range. The infantry with heavy weapons teams is intended to set up in the back and put down fire at mid range as well as screen the Heavy Weapons so they can keep firing.

Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. That’s why I’ve still not bought one. Second part of Tactica Aeronautica. That’s the iconic weapon of the late Pacific era. I also just did a color scheme check I used Deathworld Forest and Castellan Green with Camoshade to create some pretty awesome looking fatigues.

Historically, after the suicidal first waves, the surviving Lancasters that had dropped their bouncing-bombs swung around then went ahead of the still-loaded Lanc to distract fire – i imagine this tactic could apply to all bombers in AI, you do your points-winning bombing run, then, rather than fly the bombers off the board you swing them back to ensure other bombers get their load down. Heavy Weapons Squad [3 PL, 78pts]. I have a lot of anti tank tied up in the Thunderbolt fighters and heavy weapons teams.

I love Abnett’s books, all of them. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Fast Attack units are the scalpel of a Sisters force.

Much like the Adepta Sororitas, the Inquisition of this book do not replace that of Codex: Aeronautica Imperialis- Ladder Campaign. Tellingly, most of these are WW2 vintage and concentrate on multiple fighters covering one another. Snipers represent the M1D which was an attempt at a sniper variant of the M1 rifle. But imperializ course it’s easier for writers to just have Riptides rush in and try to hit things.


Just about everyone has access to this Detachment, but it bears special mention here. Inquisition Warhammer Tactics 7E.

Though at 15 wounds a 10 man squads is practically required to one round them. Led to tacrics interesting game. Buy our stuff, go here to find out more: HARMs don’t jam anything what so ever. Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Imperial Agents – 1d4chan

But in “real life” tactics, if you’re that close, you’ve already missed the point at somewhere along the kill-chain. It doesn’t always work.

That seems to be the prevailing thought: I’m unconvinced with the AM “Naval flyers” It occurs to me one possible expansion of AI they could pull out could be a ‘space combat’ version. Imperialiss the targets were determined as land-carriers, their coordinates could be fixed and combination lance-and-melta-torpedo bombardments could have annihilated the enemy carriers without jeopardizing a single airframe.

SatnavOct 16, Forum Tools Forum Tools Search.

A next gen HARM would continue this role. I now have game two under my belt in the campaign. Space Penguin likes this. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. No adverts like this in the forums anymore.