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The value of a corporate website for companies

Today, all self-respecting companies have their own corporate website on the Internet. The task of the corporate website is to provide the client with basic information about the products and services provided by the company. Usually on corporate sites there is a product catalog, as well as a forum and a newsletter. On a corporate resource, you can do calculations, sell products, collect reviews, play contests, send mailing

Design is very important, since the site itself is an image tool of the company.

Nowadays, the creation of a website is of great importance for any company, as it allows you to solve many functions:
– Attraction of new clients;
– Formation of the company’s image;
– Search for new employees of the company;
– Convenient communication with clients

The content of the site may vary depending on the activities of the company. They contain many sections: about the company itself, information about services, publications, and much more. It is necessary to take into account the type of activity of the company, the specifics, therefore it is better to order such projects from professionals. One of the main aspects is frequent updating with news, new photos, etc. Thus, you can attract new visitors and advertisers to it.

Corporate sites can be divided into 2 categories: External and Internal. Internal sites, as a rule, contain information that is important to the company itself. These are: contact details of employees, archives. Ideally, these resources are not only an informative tool, but also a means of development. Often, the company’s business systems are integrated into internal systems. This is often a good management tool as well. Typically, these local sites are used by company employees as well as distributors. Use rights, namely access to certain sections of the site, can be adjusted.

External websites of the company are available as a rule to all Internet users. The corporate website can be used as an advertising platform for your products and services. It should also be noted that the corporate web resource gives you the opportunity to communicate with clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The audience of the resource can be divided into 3 categories:
1.Regular visitors
2.New visitors
3 displaced visitors

1. Regular visitors are usually either clients or partners of the company. They know where the company is located (city, address), such visitors most often go to the site for news, to the forum.

2. New visitors are usually people who are on your site for the first time, and they are interested in getting to know your profile and type of activity

3. Such type of visitors as forced, as a rule, visit the site out of necessity, for example, to find out the director’s phone number. Corporate sites are usually created not for the company but for clients, so they should be user-oriented.
If you have an iPhone, then you are definitely a fan of Apple products. Many people talk about the fact that Apple products are addictive. If you started using this product once, then it is already quite difficult for you to stop. And it looks like it really is. On the other hand, if you have already found a good company for yourself, then why change it?

Someone will say that Apple products are quite expensive, but few would disagree that they are not worth the money. Indeed, let’s get used to the fact that a quality product has a fairly high cost.

Not so long ago, a new product entered the market: the iPhone 5C. This is the first budget mobile phone of this company, which in many respects is not inferior to many modern smartphones. And yet, what are the main parameters of this gadget? Can we say with confidence that this gadget will soon become the best selling mobile phone, like all other gadgets of this brand?

Firstly, although this mobile phone is considered a budget one, its cost is still quite overpriced. And yet, if you want to buy a mobile phone from Apple, but do not have a lot of money, then the mobile iPhone 5C is what you need.

So the first is design. Never before has Apple played with the color parameters of a gadget. You can buy more than just a black or white mobile phone as usual. You have the opportunity to buy multi-colored models for every taste. These can be bright light green or raspberry models. There are five shades in the color range.

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