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Reach has dropped. Posts are not shown to subscribers. Probably every owner of a business account on Instagram has come across such a phenomenon at least once on his page.…

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Get out of the shadows: the whole truth about the shadow bath on Instagram
Reach has dropped. Posts are not shown to subscribers. Probably every owner of a business account on Instagram has come across such a phenomenon at least once on his page.…


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5 easy steps to a profitable website

Very often adolescents show Internet addiction – this is a big problem that needs to be investigated, and frequent prevention is also recommended.

Every day, global networks seem to envelop humanity and squeeze it in a vice. It is impossible not to notice that such a concept as the Internet plays an increasingly important role in our life. The whole culture becomes dependent on technology, and we can say with confidence that soon it will completely move to the foundation of Internet technologies. Such figures as, for example, the number of Internet users – 1.5 billion people, are frightening. After all, this is about a quarter of the world’s population! Also impressive is the record-breaking minimum timeframe for which the Internet has gained such widespread popularity and global significance. Just some 5 years are not comparable to either the twenty that television took to distribute it, much less those decades when radio broadcasting was mastered.

With the growing popularity and introduction of the World Wide Web, negative consequences began to manifest en masse. Despite all the benefits, the Internet can have a negative impact on both physical and mental health of a person; you can talk about changes in the psychological aspect of the current generation until you have uttered a whole lecture. The most common fact: young people stop thinking and analyzing, as they are used to receiving all the information “ready-made and on a silver platter”; all that educational institutions require of them is to memorize, but they don’t do that either. Many are so addicted to virtual reality that they completely forget about their real life – this is already developing into an addiction, painful and very dangerous, which some even compare with a narcotic one. According to statistics, about 10% of people around the world are “infected” with a similar ailment.

Internet addiction

People, most of whom use home Internet access, less often at work, find themselves chained to their “kennels” and, imitating a hectic life in their imaginations, in fact hardly budge. A minority of them go online from smartphones and from places outside the home, a minority also try to prove themselves somehow (whether it be working on the Internet, or their blog, website, or just popularity in something). Another negative factor is credibility. Despite the huge and unlimited size of downloadable and quickly accessible information, many treat it with suspicion and skepticism. In some schools, children have been hammered into their heads since elementary school that 90% of what the Internet “says” is a lie.

This, of course, is a hyperbole, but clearly not based on empty space, so it is worth considering and always being vigilant. The most interesting fact: as studies have shown, the Internet is “either it is, or it is not.” Unfortunately, we are unlikely to see the presence of free access to Internet resources in the absence of dependence on them, the “middle” position has not yet been found; in the inferior position were poor districts and villages, where they heard about the Internet, but only from the newspapers and in passing.
There are many options on how to create a profitable website. Here are a few:

1. Collection of contact information

How can you contact potential clients if you don’t know each other yet? Make sure your visitors leave a name and email. Add a form to your website to help you collect user contact information.
2. Fast loading of the site

The abundance of graphics, flash images and animations complicates the loading of the site. If these materials do not advertise your service or product, it is best to opt out of them. Usually, when the site takes a long time to load, the visitor goes to another, faster resource.
3. Effective page name

Don’t force users to guess. Speak in simple, understandable language. Analyze your project, are there any attention-grabbing headlines? If not, fix it!

4. Show your benefits

Visitors visiting any site are looking for solutions to their own problems. You can help them:

Show the benefits that the visitor will receive from your service or product.
Make it easy to find the information you want.
Offer illustrative examples.
Add features where you can download tutorials, guides, and forms.
Suggest links to other useful services.
Let the site help people, and they will be grateful to you.
5. Earn credibility

Everyone wants to work with reliable partners. How to win over? Build confidence? How to get a good reputation among users:

Use positive customer reviews. They will help you quickly earn good authority.
Provide contact details on every page. Do not hide your e-mail.
Tell us where to find you. Please include an address and phone number.
Submit articles and examples of working with past buyers.
Add photos of all team members.
Place a personal biography with a photo on the website. Visitors, seeing you, will immediately feel like your friend.
By following these simple steps, you will build the trust of your visitors and earn credibility.

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