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Internet pollution problem

With great difficulty, perhaps in our century it is still possible to find a person who would not have heard about this amazing thing that has swept the whole world with its web. Just imagine what would happen if the Internet suddenly disappeared all over the world at once. Yes, the end of the world would have happened! After all, so much is now tied to it.

The Internet at work, at home, in transport, in a cafe, it is now always with you, thanks to mobile devices. You are accustomed to him, as to a close friend, because it is an instant answer to all questions, advice, help in study and work, communication with loved ones and not so much, rest, entertainment – whatever! Now think about your children. Of course, you have thought about this more than once, but how much importance do you attach to what the Internet does to your children? At what age did you start allowing your child to access the Web? And how do you control this process? After all, it is clear that the worldwide network is not a pound of raisins.

The main threats that await an uncontrolled child on the Web:

unwanted content;
evil viruses;
contacts with strangers through chats, mail, social networks, etc .;
purchases through online stores;
tricks of swindlers who promise fabulous money for nothing.
So, if your child is still small, then he is on the Internet with you, it is you who choose cartoons, games, “development” and so on for him. Remember that the time spent in front of the monitor with young children is limited to 15-20 minutes.

But! While your child is still small, begin to explain the rules of working on the Internet in small doses, unobtrusively. What you can do, what you can’t. Learn to distinguish truth from lies, protect personal data, monitor security. Talk about viruses and antivirus programs, the search engine and the ability to find the information you need. Try to teach your child not to fall for advertising gimmicks and gimmicks. Use special filter programs that block unnecessary sites. But remember that these filters are not omnipotent and there is always the possibility of unwanted content entering the monitor to your child.

Family and Internet

Everything becomes much more serious when your child is already attending school, when he or his friends have phones and tablets with Internet access, when he can stay at home alone and sit at the computer himself. Addiction to computer games and social networks is a big threat to your child’s psyche. Remember this. Don’t let things take their course. With a high degree of probability, we can say that you still will not completely save your child from the garbage dump, which is in many ways the World Wide Web. Sooner or later, it will happen. The forbidden fruit is known to be sweet. And what is forbidden will always be of interest. There are programs like Parental Controls that will tell you which sites your child has visited and how long they spent there. But on the street you cannot do anything if you are not around. Be attentive to your child, direct his cognitive interest in the right direction. Let the Internet not become the meaning of life for a son or daughter, help your child not to disappear on this Web, there are still sports, books and parents who love him.
According to most users, the Internet today is incredibly polluted.

And the main problem lies precisely in the overabundance of unnecessary information. In the modern world, one can even talk about the emergence of full-fledged information spam, which has filled the entire space of the World Wide Web.

Only a lazy user did not write about this problem of the Internet. Much has been said about this. But everyone agrees that today’s network is a big dump, where absolutely all the information generated by the constantly growing humanity is dumped. People’s opinions differ only in the fact that this dump can only contain garbage information, or still, in large amounts of data, you can find useful bytes, kilobytes, and the like.

But if we take into account the availability of such information resources on the Internet that can affect the real life of the user, then we are talking about the fact that all the data on the network is definitely not garbage. With the help of the Internet, information can be obtained that is used in the work of both individuals and large companies. But the opinion that the network is polluted is not based on empty space, and this state of affairs can be observed by every user who actively uses the Internet in everyday life.

Internet pollution

Garbage on the Internet
The presence of such an amount of informational spam is due to the fact that you can make money on it, everything is like in real life with real waste of human life.

Spam can penetrate anywhere, not one user is truly not protected from this kind of information. If a person does not have the means, then he uses low-quality or ineffective software and the amount of spam received on his computer will go off scale.

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Internet pollution problem
With great difficulty, perhaps in our century it is still possible to find a person who would not have heard about this amazing thing that has swept the whole world…