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Recursion in programming

Internet fraud is a common practice these days. Let’s take a closer look at this issue in this article. And even experienced Internet users fall for divorce, because fraudsters have a lot of tricks. And it is not always possible to understand that you have been deceived, and not immediately. Here, for example, are the methods that are quite common. More than once, probably, you have come across advertisements of work from home that bring considerable profit. And for many it is tempting.

They can offer anything, even weaving beads. And to receive the order for work, you must pay for some code or password, after which the order will supposedly be sent. And even if it is really sent, it’s too early to rejoice, for the reason that the addressee to which you sent the result did not actually order it, and another person corresponded with you anonymously. But you paid for the code, and that was exactly the goal of the scammer.

Internet scammer

Many divorce schemes work with a similar principle. And if you are offered a “job” of this kind, and the employing company is not in the register, the web resource is registered for a third-level domain name, then be on your guard and better bypass the “vacancy”.

Another scheme in which you are forced to have any courses, materials or databases, supposedly necessary to perform duties. And they send them by mail on CD or DVD-media on a prepaid basis, or cash on delivery. Most likely, you will either not receive the disc at all, or it will be blank. And they can throw it twice, if they can convince of some technical problem, and send the information again (asking to pay for the postage again).

They can throw it in a more civilized way. For example, put in the hiring condition the execution of a test task. With the consent of the user, he receives this very test, and after execution it turns out that the test has not been passed. The employer expresses his regret and suggests trying again.

Article – Internet Fraud

And many, not noticing the catch, agree. And the task comes harder. The result is a rejection motivated by repeated failure. And your work turns out to be published on the Internet, and you didn’t get the money for it. And the trick is that no one planned to hire you, but the goal was to get the result from you in order to make money on it, as on their own.

Examples can be continued, probably endlessly. And if you were offered something painfully tempting on the Internet, try to find all the information about the customer, look at the reviews. And don’t settle for prepayment. Too bright and flashy advertising is also a suspicious reminder of the “scammers” scheme. Be careful, and do not let some “freeloader” deceive you, who is not capable of anything else. You are smarter, and this can be even more offensive.

Quite a long time ago, the term “recursion” appeared in programming, which means calling a function (or procedure) directly from itself. There is a simple (direct) recursion or recursion that works through other procedures and functions (this kind is called indirect, complex recursion).

In everyday and scientific life, we often encounter recursion. For instance:

Sierpinski triangle;
Droste effect;
calculation of the factorial.
The easiest way to observe the recursion is to point the webcam at the monitor of your personal computer, of course turning it on.

The question of whether to use recursive functions or not, many programmers have different views. This topic is still open for discussion: some believe that the recursive form looks clearer and structurally simpler, in particular, if the programmable algorithm itself has the property of recursion. In simple terms, recursion can be imagined if you put two mirrors opposite each other and look in them.

In addition, in pure functional languages ​​(Prolog, Haskell) it is impossible to define a loop syntactically, so recursion is the only available means of specifying repetitive computations. But sometimes, you should avoid recursive constructs in program modules, because they can cause unnecessarily deep recursion. In C ++ / C # languages, functions have the ability to call themselves.

Let’s give the definition of a recursive function – this is a function in the body of which the operator calls the function that this operator contains.

The most common example of recursion is the well-known factorial function factor (). The factorial of some number is the product of numbers from 1 to this number.

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