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Is the Internet good or bad for humanity?

Science and progress do not stand still, constantly bringing something useful into our life, designed to make it much easier. Or complicate? This is how it happened, for example, with a computer and the Internet.

How many copies have already been broken by the debaters, trying to prove whether the worldwide network is useful or harmful. And what is more: pluses or minuses?

First, about the benefits. The Internet contains a huge amount of useful information. Now you do not need to go to the library to prepare an essay or report, read a literary work from the school curriculum, find a pattern or knitting pattern. One has only to enter a request and you don’t even need to write anything down – just print it out.

If you have free time, it can be usefully spent using the World Wide Web.

There are so many fascinating and surprising things on the planet that it is unlikely that there will be an opportunity to see with our own eyes any part. But from the monitor screen you can look at Niagara Falls, Stonehenge or the Amazon jungle. Moreover, it can be photographs or an interesting amateur video, or a popular science film.

Have a problem with English? And here the Internet will help no worse than a tutor. If you want, attend courses where, competing with the same students, you will learn easily and with pleasure. Do you want to watch movies or animation in English. There are plenty of opportunities.

For those who want to master the preparation of a certain dish or make the necessary thing, there are master classes that show everything in stages.

You can find many more advantages, for example, the opportunity to watch a sensational movie, read reviews or listen to music, chat with peers from other cities and even countries.

But you need to look at the – cons. It is not for nothing that the Internet was called a cobweb – it is addictive. It is very difficult to tear yourself away from the monitor in time, especially if you play games online. And long-term sitting in front of a computer, as doctors have proven, can have serious consequences. And problems can arise not only with vision.

Young people are used to spending a lot of time on social networks. Sometimes this leads to the fact that there are difficulties in communicating in the real world.

It’s bad when, instead of playing outdoor games with peers, children sit in front of the computer. They also say that online games lead to mental disorders, and in some cases even to death.

But I believe that even in the most correct things, you can find danger. One has only to try. And all of these disadvantages quickly turn into advantages. Everyone knows: what is a lot is harmful. If you surf the Internet only for the allotted time, taking breaks, having other hobbies, then the World Wide Web will never become a dangerous hobby for a person.

Recommendations for parents
It is better for parents to protect their children from the harmful effects of the Internet. It’s easy to keep track of a small child, you will have to have long conversations with teenagers. Impact options:

installation of special protective programs;
blocking of some sites;
connection of notifications;
setting passwords for gadgets.
Safe internet

It is possible to integrate plugins into all browsers that will block unwanted sites. In this way, it will be possible to restrict children access to resources with dangerous information, videos or photos. It is also advisable to connect email notifications. Parents will receive messages with the names of the sites that the children visited.

You can put a password on any modern gadget and not tell it to your child. So he will not be able to access the Internet from this device. It is possible to connect a parental control program that also restricts online activities.

You just have to talk to teenagers, as they are unlikely to let their mother and father go to their gadgets. It is enough to explain to them all the danger of visiting dubious sites, dating strange personalities. This information is also provided in school classes in computer science lessons. But parents should also talk with their children.

Productive use
In the vastness of the Internet, you can simply get lost. But if you follow some rules, then the use of the network will become productive. Recommendations to users:

create your blog;
find a community of interest;
subscribe to magazines and publications;
take part in online projects;
To find a job.
Productive use of the internet

Many teenagers dream of becoming popular and sharing their thoughts with the audience. To do this, you can create a personal blog where you need to upload articles, photos and videos. In a suitable community, they also talk about their problems, ask for advice. This will eliminate the lack of communication and make up for the lack of attention.

There are many periodicals, libraries, sites with interesting articles, photographs or videos on the Internet. You can subscribe to them and receive email notifications when new information is released. Users are also encouraged to find projects and contests with cash prizes. These can be competitions in writing, drawing, photography, or engineering.

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