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How not to get banned by the search engine selling links
Foreword: Before you start making good money, selling links on the site on the link exchange, you need to think about the main and important point. Tit - (thematic citation…


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How to create a website from the VK community: a step-by-step algorithm

Website development is a laborious and long process, which is better to entrust to a professional team: designer, layout designer, copywriter, usability specialist. Of course, the work of such a team will cost money, and the larger you conceive the site, the more expensive it will cost to develop it. We discussed the issue of pricing in this direction in detail in this article.

But there are situations when the budget does not allow for a large amount of money for the creation of a website and the work of a professional team, and a resource that is not too complicated is required. In this case, you can try to make the resource yourself using special constructors. For example, Tilda.

However, even Tilda will have to tinker with in order to understand all its capabilities and functionality. To create simple sites, there is an even more convenient option – a constructor from VKontakte. The essence of the tool is simple: you create a resource based on the existing VK community. To use this constructor, you do not need special knowledge in layout, design, or design, the social network will do everything for you, your task is to draw up the community in as much detail as possible, but more on that later.

The VKontakte constructor is a new tool, it appeared in November 2020 and today it continues to be actively refined by the social network team, therefore, I think the functionality will still be expanded. But now it is a great opportunity to create a website in just a couple of clicks and, moreover, for free. In this article I will tell you in detail how and for what a site based on the VK community can be useful. 🙂

How to create a website from the VK community: a step-by-step algorithm
There are several conditions that you need to make sure that you are satisfied before starting work:

You have an open community. It is not possible to create a site for closed groups.
You have a registered URL. By default, all communities have a digital ID, for example, for the 1PS.RU group it is However, the address can be entered manually by adding a brand name or keyword, so it will be easier to remember. We chose the option. So, the address of the site created on the basis of the community includes the current address of the community, so it is important to configure it in advance. The address of our site (if we created it on the basis of the community) would look like this:
Well, then we can start working on the site.

Step 1. Connect the instrument to work

To do this, go to your community. In the task menu on the left side of the screen, click on the “Site from community” button:

community create site button

And once again confirm your intentions:

section of creating a site from the community

Step 2. Design the main block

The text from the name of the community and the “Description” block will be uploaded to the site automatically, but you can change it. It is appropriate to reflect the brand name of the company and, if desired, the main thematic key in the title. The description is much smaller in volume than in the community, so here we write only the most basic. Example:

title and description for a site from the community

In addition, you need to upload the cover. This is the background photo, and our title and description will be placed on top of it. It is better to choose a photo for the cover that is not too colorful, so that the first screen does not look clumsy, and the text is well read. If you don’t select any image, the designer will automatically place a gradient on the background. For those who will still be looking for a suitable photo, I recommend free photo stocks collected here.

Here is an example of displaying a cover on a ready-made website:

example of a cover for a website from the community

The next element of the main block is the action button. It can be customized by choosing the option most suitable for you from the proposed ones: call, follow the link, write to the mail, etc. The formulation of the target action can also be adjusted. By default, the action button configured in the community is used.

action button setting

And finally, the final stage – benefits. A special feature that allows you to reflect the key advantages of your company in the first screen of the future site, there can be 5 of them in total. It is clear that here it is better to talk about something specific and really useful for the target audience. Example:

example of benefits for a community site

Only the name and description are required, all other elements of the main unit are connected at will.

Step 2. Setting up the directory

Since our site is created on the basis of information posted in the community, its catalog is also configured using products added to your group or public.

If you still think that VK products are still poorly developed and of little use functionality, I hasten to change your opinion and recommend reading this article. In short, VK products today are a full-fledged store with the ability to place an order, payment and delivery, with a simple CRM system and even its own marketplace.

So we add the necessary assortment to the community, and then we simply set up its display on the site:

setting up products on the site from the community

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