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Instagram Reels: a new feature or clone of TikTok

Many of us are already familiar with the TikTok application (we described in detail how to use it to promote a business here). It is a platform where users shoot short, engaging videos up to 60 seconds long. This format was firmly entrenched in TikTok and, it would seem, almost belonged to it … but it wasn’t there! Instagram decided to keep up and compete with the increasingly popular application.

Why is this format of short videos in trend, why is TikTok on a roll, and why all social networks began to try to implement this idea on their platforms?

The answer is simple! People want lightweight content – people get it: through short, sticky videos. It all comes down to simplicity – many users are terribly tired of boring texts and long videos. From a business perspective, this is a great opportunity to present information to your consumer in an accessible and easy way, building informal relationships with the audience.

And one more important point. In early July 2021, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, publicly announced that the social network is changing its positioning and will now give priority to video content. TikTok and YouTube brought him to this. In the context of this event, the appearance of Reels looks quite logical.

New Instagram Reels update: what is it?
Instagram Reels is a new publishing channel that lets you shoot viral (engaging) videos up to 30 seconds long. Additional features include adding music, effects and text.

Let’s pay attention to the fact that you can finally add music to the content on Instagram. This is a big plus, because before there was a problem with the selection of music – Instagram very often blocked it and had to re-upload the video several times. This issue was related to copyright infringement on the music of popular artists, more information on this can be found here.

Now the issue with music has been resolved, including in Reels. Let’s figure out how to add your video on this site.

Click at the bottom of the screen on the Play icon, which is right in the middle of the action tab.

Step 1, how to add Reels

This will open the Reels feed, which already contains someone’s video.

second step, how to add Reels

To shoot your own video, click on the camera icon in the upper right corner.

Step 3, how to add Reels

The principle of using this tool is similar to the process of uploading your stories. By the way, you can find 50 ready-made story ideas here. 🙂

Go to the gallery, select already captured photos or videos, or shoot a new one. Don’t forget to add music and special effects to your video.

how to add music to Reels
how to add effects to Reels

Next, we post the finished video on our page. You can place it not only in the Reels feed, but also in the main Instagram feed.

how to share Reels

As soon as you upload the first video, you will have a separate Rills tab.

Reels tab

The Reels section is an opportunity to watch videos with a solid tape. Moreover, you can watch not only the content to which you are subscribed, but also the recommended one.

Also, Riels video can be announced in stories and feed. The mechanics are the same as if you were uploading an IGTV video.

After the updates were released, many had questions about the story. Should they continue to lead them or should the emphasis be placed on the content of the Rills? In general, everything remained in its place. Still, a story is light, engaging content that is relevant here and now, and you definitely shouldn’t throw it. To understand the difference between content for Stories and Reels, let’s look at the example of a women’s clothing store.

We shoot a brief overview of the new collection in Stories, update the store’s decorations, all in the format of short and meaningful video news. We make an engaging video for Riels, for example, a suit from a new collection on a model or a “dress-up” with special effects and cool music – thus increasing the reach and attracting customers. Out of the box and in a new format.

Brothers or clones: on the similarities and differences between Reels and TikTok
Both services are focused on creating video content: entertaining, engaging, viral, cognitive. At the moment, this format is the most popular among social networks. Reels and TikTok really have a similar interface, but there are still more differences.

The first and most important difference is the length of the video. TikTok is up to 3 minutes and Reels is only 30 seconds.

This is how applications have access to various functions and editing tools. Still, there are much more effects in the popular TikTok network. In this regard, Reels is still quite crude: you cannot use fragments of video from other users and record a joint video. There are very, very few effects.

And finally, access to statistics. TikTok Pro gives access to all platform statistics, while in Reels we can see only the number of views, likes and comments. Conclusion: Rils is a tool within an extensive social network, and TikTok is an independent platform with wider functionality.

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