How to create a website from the VK community: a step-by-step algorithm
Website development is a laborious and long process, which is better to entrust to a professional team: designer, layout designer, copywriter, usability specialist. Of course, the work of such a…

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How to create a website from the VK community: a step-by-step algorithm
Website development is a laborious and long process, which is better to entrust to a professional team: designer, layout designer, copywriter, usability specialist. Of course, the work of such a…


The best Instagram posts for business: what to write about when there is no inspiration

Working with social networks requires a huge amount of creativity, it is constantly necessary to generate, invent and reinvent something. New topics for posts, links to these posts, visuals for them, options for reaching the target audience using different targeting, new banners and ad texts, giveaway mechanics, marketing campaigns … In short, there is enough creativity in the life of an SMM person.

Such a rhythm of work is inevitably associated with crises and stagnation, when you stare at the monitor for hours, unable to give birth to even one worthwhile idea. From time to time this happens to me, at such moments I eat something sweet and go look for thematic selections in order to get a small portion of inspiration.

By the way, you can find such collections in our blog too. For example, we have:

50 beautiful Instagram profiles,
50 ideas for decorating the covers of “Actual”,
50 topics for stories in a business account.
Yes, we love the number 50. :)) And you will also find a cool article with 60 universal ideas for creating content on social networks. I propose to talk about the topic of content in particular in detail.

I have repeatedly heard the question “What to write about on Instagram?” Especially often this question is asked by those who maintain business accounts and are trying to make money using Instagram. I always have the same answer: you need to write about what is interesting to your target audience. But, of course, this is easier said than done. Therefore, in today’s article, I will not only share with you 10 universal ideas for promo posts on Instagram, which I use myself constantly in my work, but I will also show you, in my opinion, good examples of the implementation of these ideas. After all, one little practice is always better than three tons of theory. 🙂

What posts to write on Instagram: general requirements
Before we get down to the creative part of the article, let me torment you a little with the rules and requirements of Instagram, which are important to follow if you want to increase the reach of your posts.

1. We are friends with smart tape
Smart feed is an algorithm that generates a feed of posts individually for each user based on his interests and behavior. We talked in more detail about the smart feed of Instagram and other social networks here.

In the context of this article, I will note that the main key to success is natural activity. A simple principle works: the more likes, reposts, saves, comments and other positive marks each outgoing post gets, the more trust (and reach) from the algorithm will be in your content later. That is why many bloggers and business accounts so often ask their subscribers to like or “we will disappear from your feed.” And then the logic is obvious: to get active, write about what your audience likes, its interests are above all! And do not hesitate to ask her opinion and advice, it will only make it easier for you when preparing posts.

Another important point related to the smart Instagram feed is posting stability. When a profile posts posts rarely and irregularly, this is a signal to the algorithm that you are not active and not interested in the attention of your audience, which means that you can not be pampered with coverage. Therefore, if we already undertake to maintain a business account, then we do it on an ongoing basis or we hire an SMM manager, since we do not have enough hands.

2. Beware of the shadow ban
A separate article is also devoted to this phenomenon. In short, a shadow ban is an Instagram sanction, the existence of which is not officially recognized by the social network, but its reality is confirmed by the painful experience of most SMMs and marketers.

A shadow ban is imposed on profiles that violated the rules of the social network, for example, used black promotion methods or incorrectly worked with hashtags. The punishment is manifested in a significant drop in profile coverage, and with them in activity. Your posts just suddenly disappear from the followers’ feed, even if they showed a clear interest in them.

Of course, getting under the shadow ban is a big problem, so you should carefully monitor how and with what you promote your profile.

3. We prioritize diversity
Any good idea sooner or later becomes boring. If you have found topics and content formats that your target audience likes, this does not mean that you can now use them forever. Someday they will lose their relevance, which will be expressed in the same drop in coverage and activity (but already gradual, in contrast to the shadow ban).

It is better not to lead to such a situation, the more diverse your feed is, the more chances you have to please the maximum number of subscribers. Dilute promotional posts with informational ones, don’t forget about giveaways, connect Instagram TV and Rills, and, of course, be sure to use stories.

I keep repeating that the only way to keep the work with content in social networks (including on Instagram) under control is to draw up a content plan. For those who still do not know why it is needed and how to compose it, there is our detailed instruction.

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