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You to Gift is a free service for attracting audiences and holding sweepstakes on Instagram
Holding prize raffles on Instagram is a popular way to draw attention to your account, increase reach and number of subscribers, promote your own brand, and simply keep your loyal…


You to Gift is a free service for attracting audiences and holding sweepstakes on Instagram

Holding prize raffles on Instagram is a popular way to draw attention to your account, increase reach and number of subscribers, promote your own brand, and simply keep your loyal audience from getting bored. Despite the great popularity of this method, many bloggers and business page owners still make mistakes when conducting contests, starting from the preparation stage. One of the major mistakes is insufficient coverage of your competition.

Unfortunately, many good contests do not come up with the results expected of them. And even if you chose the right prize, identified the target audience and reminded subscribers about the contest in stories, this may not be enough to attract thousands of new participants. The point is that your competition was simply not noticed. The You to Gift service will come to the rescue, and they will pay attention to your drawing!

Briefly about the service
You to Gift was created to unite the interests of bloggers and Instagram users who actively participate in contests and do not want to waste time looking for them.

For bloggers, this is an opportunity to draw attention to their content, as well as get a convenient tool for determining the winners and checking the fulfillment of the competition conditions.
For Instagram users, it’s a great way to find all the contests in one place and discover more interesting and useful content.
Benefits of You to Gift
The service has a number of advantages, which can be divided into two categories: opportunities for promoting your competition and convenient functions for summing up the results of the drawing and determining the winners. Let’s consider them separately.

Benefits for promoting the competition
If you are going to hold a contest on Instagram or are already running it, use You to Gift to share information with as many users as possible and significantly increase the number of participants. At the stage of promotion, the service provides excellent opportunities:

Huge audience of users. Placing a contest on the service allows you to reach an audience of up to 500,000 active Instagram users who participate in contests. Your drawing will be seen by website visitors, users of mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as users of the Telegram bot.
Target audience of participants. Thanks to the You to Gift functionality, your competition will be shown to the audience of the region for which you are running the competition. Thus, you will be able to avoid problems with the transfer of the prize, moreover, you will attract buyers to your store from your city.
Open base of participants. Each user who has fulfilled the conditions of the competition receives a unique number, by which he will track his participation. Your subscribers can be sure that they are definitely participating in the competition, and if the randomizer displays their number, they will be the winners.
Functionality availability. You get the opportunity to tell a large number of Instagram users about your giveaway and use You to Gift absolutely free. Placing a contest on the service will not affect your advertising budget in any way.
Benefits for determining the winners
The promotional benefits look impressive, but what about the service’s ability to determine the winners? There is also something to pleasantly surprise bloggers with!

Full range of possibilities. Regardless of the number of participants and other parameters, You to Gift collects a complete database of likes, comments and subscriptions, and also allows you to determine whether a friend has been tagged by a member.
Flexible parameter setting. You can run contests based on likes, comments, multiple posts, and even ask participants to tag their friends. All this will be tracked and checked by You to Gift algorithms.
A ready base of participants. If the user has fulfilled the conditions of your competition, in an hour he will receive his unique number in the database. By the time the results are summed up, the service will fully pull up all the results and take into account all participants. You no longer need to wait until the base is formed to move on to determining the winners.
Checking the fulfillment of conditions. Thanks to You to Gift, the fulfillment of the competition conditions is automatically checked. You no longer have to do it manually.
Independent randomizer. You can go through all the stages of summing up the competition with You to Gift. Using a randomizer, the system will generate random winners of the competition.
Adding a contest for You to Gift
Once you have published the contest on your Instagram page, you can share it on the You to Gift service. To do this, go to the site, log in with your Instagram account and go to the “Add a contest” section.

Next, select the type of competition. Everything is simple here:

Adding a contest for you to gift

The type of competition “One post” implies that it is necessary to fulfill the condition for participation under the competition publication. In contests of the “Multiple posts” type, the fulfillment of conditions for several publications will be checked, and the “Among subscribers” type provides for the selection of winners from among those who subscribed to sponsors.

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