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Advertising creative

Schoolchildren study human anatomy in biology classes, and marketers wishing to master the tricks of setting up targeted ads should study the anatomy of a social media ad. Actually, the anatomy of an ad is much simpler than human anatomy. There are only three main components of an ad that are equally important:

Advertising creative. A static picture, animation or video, that is, the visual part of the ad.
Promotional text. On some ad systems (like myTarget) it is tiny, 50-100 characters long, including spaces. In others (on the same Instagram or Facebook), the text can be made larger and the miracles of copywriting can be shown. But, for example, there is no text at all for advertising in stories, except for the one that is applied to the advertising creative. In general, everything is complicated with the text.
Call to action. What you want from the user who viewed your ad. For example, going to a website or subscribing to a social network. Sometimes it is registration for an event, filling out a feedback form and even a call. The fact is that a call to action must be formulated as clearly and specifically as possible, this is a general rule for all advertising systems.
This is how it looks like on the example of the VKontakte social network:

anatomy of a targeted ad

As you can see, nothing complicated. Nevertheless, a well-designed ad is a third of the success of the entire campaign, so you need to spend time working on it (what else depends on the result of the target, they told here).

The difficulty of a targeting specialist is that in order to create a high-quality ad, he must, on the one hand, be a good copywriter (for writing a text that is competent from a marketing point of view), as well as a very skillful designer (for developing an original creative). We will just talk about the second nuance within the framework of this article.

The specificity of social networks is such that people here primarily react to visual content, that is, to a picture. If your ad has a bad (boring, unaesthetic, incomprehensible) creative, this ad won’t save any cool copy or a clear call to action. That is why it is so important to develop an original banner.

To make life easier for all those in need, we collected, firstly, general recommendations for creating creatives for advertising on social networks, and secondly, we found cool examples that will inspire you to your own design feats. 🙂

Ad creatives for targeting: the 5 most important rules
So, in order for your creatives to receive the attention of the target audience, we advise you to keep the following points in mind when developing them:

We take into account the interests of the target audience

In philology there is such a concept as “common apperception base.” To explain it very simply, this is when people have a common everyday experience and one circle of interests, thanks to which they understand each other perfectly. So your ad and, in particular, your creative, should, if possible, fall into the apperception base of your target audience. Not just be clear to her, but use images and associations that evoke response and recognition. This way the user is more likely to notice the ad and respond positively to it.

Here is an example of a creative that is clear to everyone who knows the Matrix film franchise:

sample ad that takes into account the range of interests of the audience

Red or blue pill, the choice on which your life depends. A banner that is quite simple in terms of design, which perfectly clings.

And do not forget that ad creatives targeted at cold and hot (from retarget) traffic will also be different in their content, because retargeting allows us to build communication with those who are already familiar with the company, which means that the approach here will be another.

Trying different formats

A creative in a target, as noted above, can be done in the form of a static banner, or it can be done in the form of a simple animation. And, of course, there is also a video that is trending now. Video ads on social networks are getting more and more every day, especially against the backdrop of the popularity of TikTok and Reels on Instagram. With all this, you can apply text to the creative, thereby making it more understandable and relevant to the audience. What’s the advice? The fact that it is important to try different things! You never know what your potential client will respond to. Do not limit yourself to one format, be sure to check all the ideas – this is the only way you will find the perfect formula for selling creative for your area of ​​business.

Remember the technical limitations of placements

Placement is a platform for displaying an ad. Each social network has its own: the main feed of posts, feed of recommendations, stories, reels, video tape, etc.

The difficulty is that each ad placement has specific technical limitations for ad creatives. For example, if you want to launch video ads on Instagram, you should know that for stories you will have to make a video up to 15 seconds long and with a 9:16 side orientation, for reels the same side orientation is suitable, but the duration can already be up to 60 seconds.

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