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TYPO3 update

Recently I decided to update TYPO3 on one site. Since it was created a long time ago, the version of the system there was 4.2.6, while now 4.7 is already stable. In general, updating TYPO3 is a procedure with its own nuances, especially when it comes to earlier versions. Fortunately, there is enough information on this process on the Internet – in particular, you can read the wiki page about Upgrade at It contains all the necessary points, both general and with regards to different versions of TYPO3. In this post I will walk you through the process of upgrading TYPO3 from 4.2.6 to 4.5 LTS (long term support). Why 4.5 you ask? – everything is very simple, for versions 4.6 and older you need to have PHP 5.3 installed on the hosting .

1. Before proceeding with the installation of the update, it is imperative to make a backup of the site, and a complete one – copy it as files from FTP + database. I already once talked about the backup of a blog through phpmyadmin, in this case we also use this script for working with the database.

2. After all the data has been saved in a safe place, you need to decide on the new version of TYPO3 that you are going to install. There has already been a small post about choosing the TYPO3 version, where you can find out almost everything about this issue. I can only add. that it is better to set the most current stable (!) option, but at the same time be sure to remember and focus on checking the hosting parameters.

3. All options for updating TYPO3 contain the so-called “General steps” and some particular nuances. The Upgrade article on the wiki goes into all these details in detail. First, let’s talk about general points.

3.1. Converting global extensions (modules) to local ones. Previously, global extensions were stored in the typo3 / ext / directory, now you need to transfer them to typo3conf / ext /. For this:

Go to the Extension Manager.
Uninstalling global modules.
We delete the files of these extensions from the typo3 / ext / directory along with it.
We reinstall all modules again as local.
Basically, in my case in TYPO3 4.2.6 these global extensions were no longer there, the typo3 / ext / folder turned out to be empty, apparently, this is true for very early versions.

3.2. Directly installing the new version of TYPO3. If you use symbolic links then load TYPO3 into a new directory and then change the link to it from the old one. If the source files are physically located in the root directory, then you need to overwrite them with the new ones just downloaded. The wiki says a little bit incomprehensibly – whether to remove the symlinks, or to delete the content from the typo3, media, tslib, t3lib folders along with the showpic.php and index.php files – I didn’t exactly understand, I just reloaded the sources (Source) on top.

3.3. Database update.

First you need to go to the Install Tool, which can be found at typo3 / install. If it says that it is disabled, then create an empty file ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL and load it into the directory typo3conf / folder.
Further in this tool, go to the Database Analyzer section, where we click on “Update required tables” as well as the “COMPARE” and “IMPORT” links – apply all the proposed changes (I found only compare and import and updated the necessary database tables with their help data).
TYPO3 update

We go to the Basic Configuration section. If the Encryption Key parameter is not set there, then you need to set it.
The next section is the Upgrade Wizard, which sets the so-called version compatibility. In theory, you can upgrade TYPO3 to a later release, but the system itself will work like previous versions. Actually, to complete the update process, you need to accept and confirm some changes. By the way, this can affect the display of the site in the frontend – so proceed with caution.
The final step is in the section “Edit files in typo3conf” delete all temp_CACHED * cache files.
This completes the general frequently update of TYPO3, in the wiki you will find separately information about the system update for different versions, for example, from 4.1 to 4.2, from 4.3 to 4.4. etc. Each item contains some specific information on the changes that the next version introduces. There is also information about updating using a shell (shell) with specific commands and their descriptions – the wiki is really powerful help for upgrading TYPO3!

Finally, a few words specifically about the upgrade to TYPO3 4.5. As I said above, initially I had version 4.2.6, but I did not consistently update to 4.3, 4.4, but immediately downloaded the 4.5 sources. According to the description, there were no special “abrupt transitions” in the releases, so I decided to “jump” a couple of branches ahead when updating. In the end, everything turned out, it seems, successfully – gradually went through all the points of the “General Installation” from updating the database to the nuances of version compatibility. The wiki contains information about some features of the 4.5 release – the main thing is that the UTF-8 encoding is now used by default, and the rest, as I understand it, will be gradually removed.

Theoretically, this is the end of the TYPO3 update, there are only a couple of tasks left.

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