First 60 Starlink Satellites Launched
The first 60 Starlink satellites were launched from Cape Canaveral into low-Earth orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket. In the framework of the program of providing the population of the…

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How to set up targeted advertising on Instagram yourself: step by step instructions
Methods for promoting a commercial profile on Instagram are divided into white, gray and black. Black is something that is prohibited and threatens to block your account. The gray methods…

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Internet pollution problem
With great difficulty, perhaps in our century it is still possible to find a person who would not have heard about this amazing thing that has swept the whole world…


Get out of the shadows: the whole truth about the shadow bath on Instagram
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Functional and beautiful hand-drawn websites

Which is better: beautiful hand-drawn websites or simple but functional and powerful ones? Strange question – isn’t it? Of course, it is better, if there is such an opportunity, to create both functional and beautiful hand-drawn sites. True, there is an opinion that the graphic overload of the site can make the resource “heavy”, and as a result, not convenient to use.

However, it is not necessary to create ugly web pages just to make them functional. The main thing is that the site is harmonious. And harmony implies the absence of excessiveness. Moreover, with the help of modern Flesh technologies, it is possible to make not only harmonious platforms from the side of their decoration, but also a light resource that does not interfere with fast loading of pages. Why create beautiful hand-drawn websites at all? What are the practical benefits of them.

If you need to develop a website for business purposes, for example, to advertise a business, sell products, and the like. It should be noted that it is the drawn sites that will advertise and sell products more successfully and efficiently. After all, a person receives more than 80% of information visually, moreover, we perceive almost all graphic information with our subconsciousness. In this regard, the following conclusion suggests itself: the power and depth of the influence of graphic information is so great that it is not always under the control of our consciousness.

And the emotional appeal of an Internet resource is acquired through the language of lines and colors, in other words, artistic design. And for an Internet site to be successful, it must instantly attract the attention of visitors.

Beautiful sites inspire confidence in visitors, you don’t even want to leave such a site. There is an irresistible desire to look through all the pages, pictures and learn more about the products presented on such pages. At the same time, both services and products presented on a beautiful Internet site will involuntarily arouse the sympathy of visitors, as a result of which it will be easier for the buyer to make a decision to place an order.

Making a website that is harmonious and beautifully designed is not an easy task. After all, such a website should indicate respect and attention to its visitors. And this implies the provision of a high level of services by the owner of the site. To achieve these goals, you need to contact the specialists you will find in the Kiev web studio WebKlaster. The functional characteristics of the PDF document format will be described below.


1. After you go to the “Records”, you will need to select a suitable table.

2. After choosing the option that suits the user, a special icon will appear just below the name of the form on which he chose. This is the data export icon.

3. Now you need to click on this icon in order to create a new PDF document. You can select the page orientation, paper size, print size, and document page breaks as desired.

Selecting Options by Paper Size allows you to select the size (size) of the sheet of paper. Several options are available in the program: sheets A 0, that is, 33.1×46.8 inches, A 1 (23.4×33.1), A 2 (16.5×23.4), A 3 (11.7×16.5), and finally, A 4 (8.3×11.7). Thus, the user can work with any PDF documents, regardless of their size.

Orientation is a selection of one of several suggested ways of positioning the PDF document on the sheet of paper. There are two types of it: book and landscape. The latter is usually used when a wide area is required for viewing.

When choosing a format, at the request of the user, he can use one of several options offered to him.

Among them – placing only one record on each page or formatting them as a single table, and if you select a table, then the program will place the maximum number of records that is possible on one sheet.

The second point assumes that only one record will be placed on each sheet.

When a grouped database is exported to PDF, the page break option appears. It has two points, among them are the break after the group or the economical and capacious full use of the free space of each page.

After the appropriate options have been selected, click on the “Create PDF” button.

4. The PDF file will be sent to the email you specified during registration. Sending is carried out instantly in automatic mode.

Having previously hidden all databases and columns that are not needed, even Wiew can be successfully exported to PDF.

The integrated table, in turn, is exported as follows:

1. Go to the menu called Configure and Embed

2. There you need to open a tab with the name Database

3. Go to the Actions menu

4. Check the box Export to PDF

5. Find the Export to PDF button in the table header

Please note that Acrobate Reader may be required when opening the generated PDF file on some operating systems.

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